For sale: PINSCAPE expansion board Set (KL25Z+mainboard+power board).

Pinscape Extension Board Setup for Virtual Pinball Machines: KL25Z, Mainboard, Powerboard.

I have a fully working DIY Pinscape Controller set to sell, consisting of
KL25Z Controller,
– Mainboard and
– Powerboard
as well as some USB-cables and power cables to connect the boards with your PSU.

Pinscape is an open-source, all-in-one I/O controller for virtual pinball machines. You can find a detailed description of all the great features on – thanks to Michael Roberts for this VERY detailed guide

I’m using the exact same setup in my current Virtual Pinball (see pictures). As I had to order some of the electronic parts for building the boards in bulk-packs, I decided to build another set of the controller.

It has been fully tested according to’s great guide ( and will provide you with all the features you need for your VPIN Setup like:

Mainboard (white):
Up to 24 Buttons, Plunger (analog or digital), coin door features, nudging / tilt, up to 30 LEDs (RGB) for cabinet LED Buttons

-Power Board (red):
31x High-Power Ports to run Shaker, Gear-Motor, Solenoids.
(1 port of the 32 ports has been disabled due to a malfunctual MOSFET)

Easy Software setup using KL25Z Software Setup. The software installation process is all controlled from the PC. The Config Tool handles the KL25Z software setup, so the first step is to install the Config Tool on your PC. You can download it here:

Price: 170,- Euro for the complete Set + Shipping
Shipping in Europ (DHL) is + 16,- Euro (Insurance, Tracking)
Shipping International (USA, CA) is + DHL World 36,99 € + Premium Service 16,00 € (Charged by DHL because of Corona situation)

If you are interested, just send me an email at

This is a non commercial offer, the board has been thoroughly tested but I can not give any guarantee or provide warranty of any kind. I will not be able to provide detailed support on how to install your VPIN but can support you with pictures of my setup. You can find all information needed in the Pinscape guide on

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  1. Angelique | 23/03/2020 at 17:31 | Reply

    Could you please provide the diagram for the PinScape Expansion boards (Mainboard and powerboard) so that I can order them since you have sold them all. Thank you

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